La mort n'est pas une terre étrangère

Death is not a foreign land

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Death and NDE

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La mort n'est pas une terre étrangère

La mort n'est pas une terre étrangère

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Stéphane Allix was a war correspondent for over fifteen years. In 2001, his brother, then aged thirty, was killed in a car crash in Afghanistan. This book is the tale of a man driven by the desire to give meaning to the deeply-affecting event that is the death of a loved one. Overwhelmed by incomprehension, grief, anger, guilt, Stéphane Allix worked alongside David Servan-Schreiber to develop a new technique for taking control of emotional trauma: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). The death of his brother triggered the desire in him to understand and dare to look death in the face. For that reason, he goes in search of people who have had near death experiences and provides us with the accounts of doctors such as Jean-Pierre Jourdan, Jean-Jacques Charbonier and Bruce Greyson. Mediums would also help him make contact with his brother. He would go as far as Peru, where he would undergo Shamanistic experiences, before discussing death with two representatives of Tibetan Buddhism, the seventeenth Karmapa, the successor to the Dalai Lama, and the lama Ringu Tulku. “A remarkable book, which offers a way of overcoming fear and ignorance”. (Bernard Werber)

Table of contents

First confrontation with death - An impalpable presence. - “Only the fear of death exists” - A near death experience - NDE, a mystery for science. - Telepathy or mediumship? - Putting mediums to the test - How to accept what reason contradicts - Knowing is not enough - Taming the dark side - Emotion and perception - A practical guide: the Tibetan book of the Dead - The Karmapa - Death is a metamorphosis - Our emotions shape life... and death


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Death and NDE

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