La vie secrète des arbres

La vie secrète des arbres

The hidden life of trees - What they feel, how they communicate

The forest : a fascinating world where trees interact and  communicate

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Ecology - Nature

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La vie secrète des arbres

La vie secrète des arbres

The forest : a fascinating world where trees interact and  communicate

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A forest is a true community where trees interact. A fascinating world where oaks, birches and pines communicate through a network comparable to the Internet, help their children grow up and even... fall in love! Trees are therefore very much living things, with human characteristics: a number of resources enable them to exchange food, communicate, shelter and feed the animals which in turn provide them with certain services. In short, they are able to learn, remember and help each other out. This book, which has already been translated into 32 languages reached the best-seller lists in a number of countries. Its author, a forester, has a straightforward and clear writing style, and with the help of a number of anecdotes and concrete examples, presents the relationships trees can have in a forest. With an undeniable talent for storytelling, he blends scientific knowledge with an approach infused with poetry. “If you read this book I believe forests will become magical places for you too”. (Tim Flannery)

Table of contents

Foreword - Friendships - The Language of Trees - Social Security - Love - The Tree Lottery - Slowly does it - Forest Etiquette - Tree School - United We Stand, Divided We Fall - The Mysteries of Moving Water - Trees Ageing Gracefully - Mighty Oak of Might Wimp? - Specialists - Tree or Not Tree? In the Realm of Darkness - Carbon Dioxide Vacuums - Woody Climate Control - The Forest as a Water Pump - Yours or Mine? - Community Housing Projects - Motherships of Biodiversity - Hibernation - A Sense of Time - A Question of Character - The Sick Tree - Let There Be Light - Street Kids - Burnout - Destination North! - Tough Customers - Turbulent Times - Immigrants - Healthy Forest Air - Why is the Forest Green? Set Free - More Than Just a Commodity.


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Ecology - Nature

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