Thoutmosis III et la corégence avec Hatchepsout

Thutmose III and the co-regency with Hatshepsut

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Thoutmosis III et la corégence avec Hatchepsout

Thoutmosis III et la corégence avec Hatchepsout

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In this work, the Egyptologist Florence Maruéjol details the life and reign of Thutmose III, a great Pharaoh whose achievements are often overlooked to the benefit of his mother-in-law, the queen Hatshepsut. Uniquely in the history of Egypt, his reign began with a co-regency with the queen in question. A period of twenty years would await before he could gain full sovereignty. This work provides a faithful description of the reign of Hatshepsut before her proscription, the family life of Thutmose III, the campaigns he led in order to expand the empire, from Syria to the borders of Nubia. Often absent from Egypt during the first twenty years of its self-rule, he put in place a complex administrative system, which Florence Maruéjol closely examines. He also saw to the construction of numerous monuments, including the Akh-menu in Karnak, and reorganised the clergy. This work also draws attention to the men surrounding Thutmose III, from his dignitaries to his subordinates, thereby painting a living portrait of a stable, prosperous Egypt which honoured its gods. This updated and revised version takes into account the archaeological discoveries and publications which have occurred since it was first published in 2007. It comprises a wealth of knowledge nurtured by an abundance of documentation, a significant bibliography, a chronology and an index of names. Scholarly, while always remaining accessible, this work is enriched by numerous illustrations, maps and black and white plans as well as colour photographs.


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