La méditation, ses effets sur le cerveau et la santé

Meditation, its effects on the brain and health

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Health and spirituality

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La méditation, ses effets sur le cerveau et la santé

La méditation, ses effets sur le cerveau et la santé

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“Modern man no longer has time to think, to cultivate the inner self, to train his mind other than through tasks deemed socially useful. (...) Dispossessed of the ability to fully control his path, he slowly loses an awareness of the forms and imperatives of the most intimate aspects of his existence, every day invited to delegate fundamental choices and his way of life solely to the imperatives of the society in which he lives. (...) The most enlightened thinkers and scientists of our times feel that in order to confront the excesses of rampant, untethered modernity and the often catastrophic consequences, meditation has now become an integral part of survival, as much for each of us individually, as for society as a whole.” Bernard Baudouin offers some advice for the introduction of meditative practice (where to meditate, when, how, for how long…), and demonstrates its restorative and soothing power. He also explains how to overcome certain obstacles to meditation, such as negative thoughts, doubt, discouragement and physical discomfort, in order to not only attain richer and more beneficial states of consciousness, but also those of existence, in comparison with what we have been experiencing. He quite rightly reminds us that the benefits are there not only for us to reap but also for those around us to do so, in the workplace and the family. Meditation therefore has an impact on our future and on the very future of our society.

Table of contents

The brain, the mind and health: Original mechanisms of human life... - ... The revelations of brain activity.
Knowing the brain to better understand it: When neuroscience redefines the link between body and mind - The huge leap in psychotherapy - Modifying our brain to change our world.
What is meditation?: The multiple routes to a meditative state - Meditative practice throughout human history - When meditation becomes secular.
How does meditation help?: From reflection to mental training - The effects of meditation on the body - Can meditation be used for treatment?
Scientific studies and research on meditation: When meditation and science come together - A new era of research... and discoveries!
The effects of meditation on the brain: Major findings - Meditation and its mental effects - The body during meditation.
Medical meditation: The nature of suffering - When intelligence generates illness... - ... And potential recovery - Meditation at the forefront of prevention - A recognised method in a number of treatments.
The well-founded grounds for meditation: Unrest - Burn-out - Stress - Depression - Consumption of anxiolytics - Insomnia - Migraines - Multi-tasking - Regret - Worry - Multiple day-to-day benefits - The benefits of daily practice.
The “mechanics” of change: A mere question of willpower - A new lifestyle - The path to genuine “rebirth” - Embracing the true potential of our mind - The “key” to taking on all challenges - On the path of wisdom - In search of the self... and others.
From theory to meditative practice: Application - Preparation - The mind - Psychological conditions - Silence - What to wear - The location - The moment and duration - Posture - Breathing - Daily meditation - Overcoming obstacles - Ignoring negative thoughts - Fuelling your motivation - Shutting out doubts - Overcoming physical discomfort - Where, when and how?
Towards another definition of man and our future: A “revisited” way of life - Meditation for children: an urgent need.


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Health and spirituality

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