L'Apocalypse de Jean - Lumières et clefs


A symbolic and mystic reading of the Book of Revelation

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Rosicrucian research

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L'Apocalypse de Jean - Lumières et clefs

L'Apocalypse de Jean - Lumières et clefs

A symbolic and mystic reading of the Book of Revelation

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 If it is a mysterious and hermetic text, then we are sure to be talking about the Book of Revelation. Many works undertake to provide an interpretation of it, be it historical or religious. In fact, like a number of ancient texts, this work can be read to reflect several meanings, going from the literal to the symbolic and mystical. It is the latter of which that Philippe Deschamps opted for: the Apocalypse, in his view, represents the process by which man progressively transforms, through challenges, destruction and successive purification, in order to attain Illumination, the emergence of New Jerusalem, “the City of Peace” within him. He therefore connects the symbolism of the text to experiences shared by man along the path of evolution, at the same time as nurturing this interpretation with all the richness of Rosicrucian and Martinist philosophy. With this essay in which the symbolism of numbers plays a role (the work is divided into 7 chapters in which the 22 chapters of the Apocalypse are deciphered), the author describes the stages of the individual transformation of man, but also, in parallel, those of the overall Reintegration of Humanity. A number of areas of reflection are opened up, and bridges formed between the book of Revelation and, in particular, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the major arcana of the Tarot, the Bardho Thodol and the theosophy of Jakob Böhme: a whole host of keys offered to the reader to reach a profound understanding of a text which cannot in any case be understood solely on an intellectual level. Once we close the book, only personal meditation will enable us to break the seals of revelation.


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Rosicrucian research

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