Rire avec Dieu

Aphorismes et contes soufis

Texts full of Sufi humour and profound wisdom on how to learn to look at and acknowledge our imperfections...

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Rire avec Dieu

Rire avec Dieu

Texts full of Sufi humour and profound wisdom on how to learn to look at and acknowledge our imperfections...

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Together with Jâmi, Attâr, Rûmî or Ibn’Arabî, around forty Sufi masters of the 11th and 15th centuries composed this cheerful anthology. Short stories packed with humour and malice gently remind us of our human weaknesses. They undeniably carry hidden wisdom, but they can quite simply be enjoyed for their uplifting humour. They describe us just the way we are, human and blind, imperfect and clumsy. Self-derision, which often features in this short delightful work, helps us to clearly see the effects of our Ego and to respond to them with liberating laughter. Humour, just like serious comments, is a means of recognising and accepting our imperfections, in order to better address them... A Sufi pilgrim, following a long and difficult journey, finally reached Mecca and made his way to the House of God, the holy Ka’aba. Thoroughly exhausted, he collapsed on the spot and fell asleep with his legs turned towards the Holy place. A devotee, on seeing this disrespectful posture, violently shook the Sufi: - Wretch! Aren’t you ashamed to have pointed your filthy feet towards the Home where God is found? - Yes, of course, responded the pilgrim, but I can’t help it. Please, help me: point my feet in a direction where He cannot be found. TABLE OF CONTENTS• Introduction: The Sufis, today• Tasawwuf• Humour• Wisdom


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