Tarot de Marseilles Jodorowsky & Camoin

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Tarot decks - Cards

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Tarot de Marseilles Jodorowsky & Camoin

Tarot de Marseilles Jodorowsky & Camoin

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The Camoin & Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille contains all of the symbolism familiar to traditional tarot, plus a great many new symbols. Only the colours are radically different to certain Tarots de Marseille, which contain only red, yellow and blue, without light blue or any other colours. Initially, these primary colours of blues, yellows and reds, not the easiest to use, were copied from an 1880 Camoin deck, at the time of the industrial era and of the appearance of machines which could only print four colours. In fact, Philippe Camoin's ancestor, who was the last and only master cartologist in Marseille, was forced to invent these new colours to adapt to the printing machines. The public thought, wrongly, that these colours had an esoteric meaning. The addition of new colours, in 1998, in the Camoin & Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille, was done with the aim of aligning more closely with the alchemical tradition. 80-page booklet in 6 languages.


4,1 x 7,7 cm

Tarot decks - Cards

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