Un certain juif Jésus – Tome 3


What a historical analysis reveals about the life and message of Jesus

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Un certain juif Jésus – Tome 3

Un certain juif Jésus – Tome 3

What a historical analysis reveals about the life and message of Jesus

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To a large extent a religious figure is defined by the interconnecting encounters and relationships within which his existence is played out. This is of utmost relevance for a charismatic, religious leader who is always on the move, as is the case with Jesus. Within strictly historical research, what can we hope to gain from this web of relationships within which Jesus developed his often surprising message and work? The third volume thus sets out to determine the reality, in as much as science can do so. The author focuses in turn on the supporters, those he spoke to and the adversaries of Jesus. First of all the crowds that Jesus seemed able to bring together, then the disciples willing to follow him and lastly he pays special attention to each of the apostles, whose historical fate remains unclear. But Jesus also had contact with certain competitors, some of whom became adversaries. The clearest example is the first of the Pharisees, masters of education. What relationship and confrontation did Jesus have with the Sadducees, who were connected to the official aristocratic bodies of the Temple? Furthermore, did Jesus know dissidents such as the Essenians, or did he have to take a position when confronted with environments which encouraged violence against the Roman occupation? In any case, the figure of Jesus is submerged in the majority Judaism of the time and clearly emerges from it. It is perhaps the first time that an author has dared to venture so extensively and with such focus into an exploration of the relational universe surrounding the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth. 


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Christianism - Bibles

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