Humanism, Spirituality, Well-Being

These three words summarise our ethos and have shaped the selection of books which we edit and publish, the music we offer and the items which we select for you.


Given the world we currently face and its collectively as well as individually fractured state, many have identified the urgent need for greater awareness and alternative life choices.  Rampant materialism has resulted in behaviour and situations that are harmful not only to individuals but also to society as a whole. Man, who had set off along a road of self-denial, now increasingly yearns for the values which will open the door to the rediscovery of inner balance and a more harmonious social life. Many researchers, writers, philosophers, psychologists, but also traditional movements such as the A.M.O.R.C. are aware of this transformation and are playing their part by contributing works which provide solutions, reflection and paths towards a more fraternal and human society built on values such as mutual respect, solidarity, tolerance and non-violence. These are the works which we would like to introduce through our website.


When paired with a spiritual journey, humanism then takes on a transcendental dimension. In fact, to undertake a spiritual journey is to nurture one’s inner self, to commune with “the voice of our consciousness”, with our soul. It is this search of the most profound aspects of who we are that enables us to express the most beautiful qualities of truly humanist behaviour. 


Subjects such as meditation, prayer, creative visualisation, self-control, the pursuit of wisdom, education, the analysis of dreams etc. all form part of this self-knowledge.

Diffusion Rosicrucienne therefore tirelessly seeks out books dealing with all of these themes, whether they were written by authors of ancient Greek, Buddhist, Sufi eras etc. or contemporary writers. 

Present-day scientific research on consciousness, the origins of the universe, the links between the body and the mind, etc. also form an integral part of the selection on offer.

Lastly art, and particularly music, calms the mind, relaxes, elevates, brings serenity and aids meditation. So, music too has a central position our website.



Well-being is a condition to be cherished on physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is the fruit of a concerted approach towards a state of equilibrium. Well-being is borne out of harmony with oneself, others, our environment, our planet and the entire universe. It is partly the product of an inner search and opens the doors towards happiness.

Well-being goes hand in hand with an absence of suffering and ill health. In this regard, we proudly present a selection of works devoted to physical health, emotional states, psychology and what we broadly refer to as personal development.

Material goods can be used to support well-being, for instance essential oils, diffusers which give off pleasing scents or a candle to create a warm atmosphere. This is the reason why you will find all of these items on our website as well as many others which help support this state. 

One can also seek well-being by immersing oneself in the sorts of works written to answer our questions on the meaning of life, problem solving or the tests we are confronted with. 

Well-being also results from our relationship with our environment, our ability to understand Nature’s intelligence, the laws which govern the universe, the beauty enshrined by every kingdom, be it mineral, plant or animal, and the intelligence which brings them into existence. 

Our environment is also cultural: we live on a planet which is rich in diversity, people, history and tradition. Discovering them, through their literature, music and artisan craft is to discover their soul and to draw each of them ever closer.

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Its production - Its mystical use

Golden grass      (Capim Dourado)

Golden grass (Capim Dourado)

A unique grass on a golden stalk