Since time immemorial, incense has been used in harmony with meditation, prayer and more broadly to aid introspection and spiritual communion. Diffusion Rosicrucienne produces Rosicrucian and Martinist incense according to the formulas safeguarded in the archives of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order.


Since the beginning of the 20th Century, this incense has been made available to Rosicrucians all over the world and all enthusiasts. During recent decades, it has been crafted by artisans at the very heart of Normandy, in Omonville Castle.

This incense is recognisable thanks to the rectangular shape of the sticks and their red colour.  All stages of production*, from the mixing of the different ingredients, the pressing of the paste to create the cube shapes, through to drying and boxing, occur on site.

*apart from that of the boxes 

There are three types of Rosicrucian incense:

-   Rose incense

-   Rose and sandalwood incense

-   Four roses incense


Rose incense includes the ingredients of Sumatran benzoin, Sudanese incense, iris powder, myrrh, rosebuds and flowers as well as the essence of red rose.

Rose and sandalwood incense is produced using Sumatran benzoin, iris powder, myrrh as well as equal parts of red rose and sandalwood essence. It gives off an inspiring aroma.

The four roses incense: made from the combined essences of four roses, two of which are white and two red. It has a light and sweet aroma.

Over the years, further presentations have been added to this collection, such as that presenting the engraving featured in the work “Summum Bonum” by Robert Fludd (1629): Dat rosa mel apibus

Originally available in a box of 24 cubes of Rosicrucian incense, now each of the three scents is on offer in boxes of 72 and 360 cubes.


Made of Sudanese incense, benzoin from Siam, sandalwood resin and salt, this powder form incense is produced following a recipe used by Martinists as early as the 18th Century. It is burnt on hot coals.

This incense comes in one of two packages: the first solely carries the symbol of the Traditional Martinist Order; the second is decorated with the portrait of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, one of the most important figures in this fraternity.

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