Extraordinaires contacts avec l'au-delà

Les découvertes scientifiques irréfutables sur la vie après la mort

What would happen if science were to succeed in proving that the soul is immortal ?

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Messages from the beyond

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Extraordinaires contacts avec l'au-delà

Extraordinaires contacts avec l'au-delà

What would happen if science were to succeed in proving that the soul is immortal ?

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This book relates a series of scientific experiments led by Professor Schwartz, and is as fascinating as it is unsettling. In order to study the possibility of life after death, he asked a group of mediums to make contact with deceased people and to gather information that could be confirmed or refuted by those close to them. Each experiment is carefully recorded and commented on, and the results are scrupulously analysed. New questions gradually come to light: Do the messages come from the medium’s mind or from that of the deceased? Does the phenomenon of premonition really exist? Why don’t the dead give us information on scientific progress?

These questions lead to the creation of new, more difficult, experimental protocols, in order to prove to sceptics that the conscience survives after physical death. Despite its scientific nature, this book reads like a novel.

From the start, Professor Schwartz embarks us on his adventure, allowing us to share particular circumstances, the series of “chance circumstances” and encounters that incited him to undertake such a study. He leads us to imagine what would happen if science were to succeed in proving that the soul is immortal, and we find ourselves dreaming of a new society based on a universal spirituality.


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Messages from the beyond

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