Markosamo le Sage

A novel set twenty thousand years ago, on the immense continent of Atlantis...

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Markosamo le Sage

Markosamo le Sage

A novel set twenty thousand years ago, on the immense continent of Atlantis...

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Twenty thousand years ago, amid the splendour of the hanging gardens and houses adorned with gold, Markosamo the Wise ruled over the Kingdom of one thousand canals... An immense continent standing in the vast ocean, Atlantis stretching out, radiant and powerful, a proud civilisation. Roota is its other name, and like a benevolent father its Emperor keeps watch over its riches and technical know-how which enable everyone to fly in aircrafts, to communicate across long distances while being able to see each other on some kind of screen, to navigate the depths of the seas and grow old healthily thanks to very effective medicine. This mastery of the material world and comfort which it provides all leads some, however, to slide into laxity and indulgence. The Sky of Friendly Constellations is forgotten and the devastation of passion besets one and all. It is then that Markosamo, distancing himself from the Happy City, to undergo Initiation on Mount Kiblo which will make him into a “Maha” a “Great being of Wisdom” - is consumed by the memory of a past life, lived in an ancient land...: Kobor Tigan’t, the Magnificent, the Five-levelled City, Kobor to the White Queen… He understands that those who currently surround him have shared in this distant life and that they all now occupy this land of Atlantis in pursuit of the destiny created by Kébélé, the Guardian of Time…


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