Mother Earth

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Terrestrial, celestial, and planetary globes

Globes terrestres globes celestes planetes Diffusion Rosicrucienne

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth

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Look at the beauty of our Earth as it turns on itself.  This globe is driven simply by daylight or artificial light, and by the force of the Earth's magnetic field.  The solar cells capture the ambient light and gather energy to power the propulsion system.

The globe turns without the need for electricity or batteries.

This globe, which turns without requiring any support, runs on either daylight or artificial light and on the energy of the Earth's magnetic field. Its slow movement allows one to watch and contemplate the beauty of our planet. The globe is made up of a transparent acrylic exterior sphere, within which a second liquid-filled sphere is placed. It is on this interior sphere that the image of the Earth is overlaid. A layer of liquid of equal volume to that of the interior sphere floats between the two spheres. The magnet placed in the interior sphere is calibrated to the Earth's magnetic field. It is activated by photovoltaic cells. Daylight or artificial light cross the walls of the two spheres and hit the solar cells, thereby enabling the interior mechanism to collect the energy stored in this light. It is this energy which powers the propulsion system.  Comes with an acrylic stand. Height including stand 


Height with base 19 cm – Ø 11 cm
Comes with an acrylic stand
(including stand) : 19 cm –
11 cm

Terrestrial, celestial, and planetary globes

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