A la recherche de la vie intérieure

In search of inner life

Explore a thrilling world : the essence of the self.

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Wisdom and spirituality

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A la recherche de la vie intérieure

A la recherche de la vie intérieure

Explore a thrilling world : the essence of the self.

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What is an inner life? Can everyone claim to have one? Is everyone's the same? How can it be nurtured? Patrice Van Eersel posed this question to eight different figures: the psychiatrist Christophe André, the neurologist Stanislas Dehaene, the paediatrician Catherine Dolto, the mathematician Cédric Villani, the singer Arthur H., the Sufi master Sheikh Bentounès, the biblical scholar Annick de Souzenelle and the poet Christian Bobin. Over the course of these interviews, what emerges is a multi-faceted and yet singular inner life, hidden treasure, the most profound part of the self. From “the soundless interiority” to “the inner children playing hide and seek”, from the “meeting place between the terrestrial and divine worlds” to “resetting your inner software”, explore a thrilling world: the essence of the self.

Table of contents

Caution, the essence of our interiority is soundless (Christophe André) – The interface between the brain and consciousness - Children who play video games have a larger inner space (Stanislas Dehaene) - Is our inner life spun from a web of words? - For a fulfilled inner life, the child requires time above all else (Catherine Dolto) – Is our inner life derived from that of our educators? - I have actually seen angels busily creating every word I uttered (Arthur H) - Should we put ourselves into trance states? - I regularly reboot myself, so that I can reset my software (Cédric Villani) - Where does creative inspiration come from? - If you take a step forward in your spiritual awakening, you do so for all of humanity (Sheikh Bentounès) - Could silence be the true way of approaching one’s inner life? - For many of us, the seed within us lies dormant and awaits germination (Annick de Souzenelle) - If the word is our creative force, the lie is what kills us - Within the house of our inner life, a child plays hide and seek (Christian Bobin) - Any convict knows all too well that everything depends on what lies within.


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Wisdom and spirituality

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