Contes d'amour et de paix sous l'arbre à palabres

A message of love and fraternity which reveals the generous and mystic soul of Africa

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Wisdom and spirituality

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Contes d'amour et de paix sous l'arbre à palabres

Contes d'amour et de paix sous l'arbre à palabres

A message of love and fraternity which reveals the generous and mystic soul of Africa

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“Every era has seen inspiring, remarkable and celebrated poets whose verses enchant us, who have left their impression on us and who continue to shape the rhythm of our daily lives. These poets are numerous and their renown will forever ring out in heaven. But there still remain a number who are unknown, anonymous individuals of modest fate, who were able to employ words to express their state of mind who blackened papyrus, parchment, pages of schoolbooks with their ink, or who, for some years now, have applied themselves at a computer keyboard, etching virtual archives with the same emotions, experiences and observations as their ancestors. Bêh Ouattara is among them and I am delighted to be writing the preface to his work. While through his writing he unveils an element the African continent’s soul, he primarily makes use of universal concepts, and reading this work reminds us of this “humanity” which, free of the distinction of culture, race, age or era, must guide our thoughts, words and actions.

Is poetry no longer in fashion? Despite being “outdated” it still continues to enchant a great many sensitive and profound individuals.

(Extract taken from the preface by Christian Bernard, global head of the A.M.O.R.C.)


This work, written by Bêh Ouattara, from Côte d'Ivoire, reveals the generous, confident and mystic soul of Africa. Through each of the texts which express an ancestral wisdom which Africa has been able to preserve and pass on, Bêh Ouattara offers a true message of love and fraternity.

Table of contents

  • - Dedication
  • - Foreword
  • - Preface
  • - The stone and the hunter
  • - The Genie
  • - The inner staircase
  • - The doves of the heart
  • - The answer
  • - The enemy
  • - Waste
  • - The language of the pillar
  • - Man and night
  • - The fish of the wave
  • - The object received from the cosmos
  • - Contribution of the spiritualist to peace
  • - The canon of light
  • - This sun which shines within us
  • - Sharing
  • - On contradiction
  • - Being ready
  • - On God and on us



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Wisdom and spirituality

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