Changez d'alimentation

It is down to each of us to adopt new dietary habits, both ecological and responsible.

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Dietetics - Food supplements

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Changez d'alimentation

Changez d'alimentation

It is down to each of us to adopt new dietary habits, both ecological and responsible.

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The father of medicine, Hippocrates, advised almost 500 years before the current era: “That your diet should be your first form of medication”. A poor diet can in fact be at the root of numerous illnesses. The National Cancer Institute in fact estimates that nutritional prevention would lead to a 30 to 40% reduction in cases of cancer in France. Knowing how to eat well helps you stay in excellent health and make the most of your physical, intellectual and emotional attributes, thanks to a strong and efficient immune system. Professor Joyeux answers a range of questions which have been put to her and raises a great many others. What is the best way to cook? Are dairy products good for us? What dangers do GMOs present? What kinds of food increase the risk and recurrence of cancer, which ones protect us? How can we prevent osteoporosis? What role does stress play in the development of cancer? This book is suitable for all readers. It includes an index to aid your research and extensive health advice. It is therefore down to each of us to adopt new dietary habits without delay, habits that are both ecological and responsible and will enable each of us to keep our weight under control, avoid obesity and diabetes, will prevent or mitigate a certain number of chronic and debilitating illnesses, cancers and auto-immune diseases. Because, as the famous biologist Jean Rostand put it: “Rather a good menu than a prescription!” Health advice to be introduced without delay.

Table of contents

Relationships between food and cancer. The role of organic agriculture in food.
“Food and cancer” relationships: scientific thought
Advisable dietary habits
How should food be conserved?
How should food be prepared?
What to drink during meals and at other times
Dietary regimes and advice
Food-linked cancers
Mediterranean nutrition and cancer prevention
Final words of advice
2008 - 2012: interrupted progress
Perspectives 2013 - 2023


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Dietetics - Food supplements

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