La route du temps

Théorie de la double causalité

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Sprit - Conscience

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La route du temps

La route du temps

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According to Philippe Guillemant, researcher at the CNRS and physicist, the theory of double causality (events that we experience relate not only to our past, but also to our future) allows us to explain synchronicities (the strange coincidences that we put often down to “chance”).  In his view, the world changes and adapts according to our desires (our free will) by an incessant swinging of time between the future and the present.  He says that the future is multiple, because we choose from among the different possibilities offered to us, depending on our free will: this free will therefore has an immediate effect on our future, which in return brings us new opportunities in the present. By seizing these opportunities, we move towards the future we hope for. 

There would appear, therefore, to be two worlds, our spatiotemporal world and another, invisible, world ruled by universal love or the law of attraction, capable of making the paths of life cross one another.  If our intentions are in harmony with the laws of universal love, if they are selfless and work for the good of others, then they can influence our destiny and transform it in the way we would like it to be, if we are attentive to the signs that our sent to us in the form of mysterious coincidences, and if we respond to these.

Although it uses scientific theories, this book reiterates the question of free will, the power of thought and creative visualisation.

This fascinating book provides us with scientific understanding of synchronicity, coincidences and the law of attraction.







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Sprit - Conscience

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