La sagesse émotionnelle

Emotional wisdom - Everyday tools to transform anger, depression and fear

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Wisdom and spirituality

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La sagesse émotionnelle

La sagesse émotionnelle

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We have difficulty managing our negative emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, guilt... We see them as weaknesses to be hidden or repressed. However, such action only leads to them building up and can result in extreme situations such as depression or illness. By contrast, Taoism considers apparently negative emotions to be messages sent in order to encourage us to embrace change. With this book, you can learn to free yourself from negative emotions through the teachings of Chi Kung and traditional Chinese medicine. It shows the way to interpret these emotions and which organs are affected by them. You will learn how to ease them by performing six healing sounds that are associated with movements and colour visualisation, then to transform them into positive emotions, through the practice of an inner smile. Last of all this book teaches you how to tackle some of the most common illnesses with these techniques. Each of the exercises on offer comes accompanied by numerous pieces of advice and step by step illustrations.

Table of contents

The Tao of emotions: The value of emotions - The Tao - The spirit of the Tao in action. Emotions, messages from our soul: Sadness and depression - Fear and nervousness - Anger - Arrogance, impatience, cruelty, hate and manias - Worry, anxiety, shame, blame and self-pity.
The six healing sounds: Presentation of the healing sounds - Practising the healing sounds, step by step. The inner smile: The power of smiling - Practising the inner smile, step by step.
Liberation from a resistant emotion: Practising liberation from an emotion. Guide to natural Taoist treatment: Treating physical symptoms. Weekly programme for using the tools of emotional wisdom. Epilogue: spiritual wisdom


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Wisdom and spirituality

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