L'invisible et la science

The experience of a medium pitched against science

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Sprit - Conscience

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L'invisible et la science

L'invisible et la science

The experience of a medium pitched against science

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Patricia Darré is a medium and journalist. Whether it is a matter of her perceptions or the messages she receives from the deceased, she has always approached these subjects with a rational mind, refusing religiosity, superstition and the mystification which they encourage all too often. In this work, she confronts her experiences as a medium with science through discussion with different experts, including a historian, archaeologist, psychologist and astrophysicist. She answers their questions regarding her practice thoroughly and in straightforward terms. Their debates throw up numerous questions: Can mediumship offer a reliable source of information on historical events or to reveal others? What is the difference between a person with a psychological disorder and a medium? Can mediumship help us to understand certain mysterious manifestations within the human mind that psychology cannot, such as synchronicity? Could the power of the human brain and its unknown abilities be explanations for mediumship? Over the course of the interviews, it seems to be the case that connections can be made between mediumship and science, with one enriching the other, and that there would be an interest to be gained from collaboration between the two. But to achieve that we must overcome the opposition between science and spirituality.   TABLE OF CONTENTS EXTRACT • History (with Alexandre Adler): The appearance of the deceased - The medium’s duty of neutrality - Knowledge of the historical events from the past of the deceased - The medium is just a messenger. • Archaeology (with François Leroy) • Psychology (with Luce Janin Devillars): Hysteria and paranormal phenomena - Places of dread - Beliefs and cultural representations are entrance codes into the psyche - Psychogenealogy. • Quantum physics (with Massimo Teodorani): What would be the quantum nature of the soul? Our brain seems to be the intermediary between our body and soul - Is the soul of a deceased person really a living consciousness? - If entities are living consciousness, do they have bodies? Where can they be found?


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Sprit - Conscience

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